A Celebration

A CelebrationA CelebrationA Celebration
A Celebration


With the benefit of hindsight it is difficult to see how BBC’s Doctor Who series could possibly have failed. In fact, it had a most inauspicious beginning. Due to the extensive television coverage devoted to the assassination of President John Kennedy the day before, the first episode of Doctor Who went out later than scheduled. Viewing figures were disappointing, but a decision was made to give the programme a second showing the following week. The response – tremendous, and after a shaky start the series was all set to run and run and run…

Peter Haining has compiled a fitting tribute to the success of this remarkable programme, to mark its twentieth anniversary. His book reflects the rich diversity of talent and ideas that have invested Doctor Who with its unique appeal to viewers of all ages and made it the vital and popular series it remains to this day – a popularity reinforced by W.H. Allen/Target’s novelisations of the series.

In addition to articles on key landmarks in the Doctor Who universe, this celebratory volume contains contributions from Verity Lambert, the first producer of the programme, Barry Letts, one-time director, producer and executive producer, Terrance Dicks, ex-script or, script writer, and authorof many of the Doctor Who novelisations, John Nathan-Turner, the current producer, and all five actors who have played the part of the Doctorgive their views on this epic phenomenon.

For those who first saw the programme in 1963 to those who regularly watch it today, this W.H. Allen special will be a constant source of pleasure and a unique volume to treasure.


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