The Fifth Doctor Box Set

The Fifth Doctor Box Set
The Fifth Doctor Box Set

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric)

Psychodrome by Jonathan Morris

Robert Whitelock (Rickett), Phil Mulryne (Magpie), Camilla Power (Perditia), Bethan Walker (Javon)

Iterations of I by Jonathan Morris

Sinead Keenan (Aoife), Joseph Radcliffe (Jerome Khan), Andrew Macklin (Robert DeValley), Teddy Kempner (Donal Dineen), Allison McKenzie (Imogen Frazer)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editors John Dorney, Jonathan Morris
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


Winnerof the Doctor Who Magazine 2014 Season Survey Favourite Audio Drama Award.

Winnerof the 2015 Scribe Award Best Audio release for John Dorney’s Iterations of I.

This box set contains two stories across four discs, plus a bonus ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ CD. For downloaders, this bonus disc is now (April 2015) part of the main download file (both MP3 and Audiobook).

Psychodrome by Jonathan Morris

Shortly after surviving the perils of Logopolis, Castrovalva and the machinations of the Master, the new Doctor and his new crew could be forgiven for wanting to take a breather from their tourof the galaxy. But when the TARDIS lands in a strange and unsettling environment, the urge to explore is irresistible… and trouble is only a few steps away.

The world they have found themselves in is populated by a wide variety of the strangest people imaginable – a crashed spacecraft here, a monastery there, even a regal court. And not everyone they meet has their best interests at heart.

With the TARDIS stolen, and the very environment itself out to get them, the travellers face an extremely personal threat. They’ll have to work as a team if they want to get out alive… but can you really trust someone you barely know?

Iterations of I by John Dorney

The house on Fleming’s Island had been left to rot. Ever since a strange and unexplained death soon after it was built, and plagued with troubling rumours about what lurked there, it remained empty and ignored for decades until the Cult moved in. As twenty people filled its many rooms, the eerie building seemed to be getting a new lease of life.

But now it is empty again. The cult found something in its corridors… and then vanished.

Trapped on the island one dark night, The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric look into the building’s mysteries, its stories of madness and death. Theironly chance is to understand what terrible thing has been disturbed here… before it consumes them utterly.

Written by: Jonathan Morris and John Dorney
Directed by: Ken Bentley



coming soon


new set of audios with the Fifth Doctor and Adric/Nyssa/Tegan to follow in 2017


Tegan lived on a cattle farm when she was young.
Tegan compares King Magus and Queen Antigone’s Citadel to something out of Frankenstein.
The Doctor tells Tegan that he is afraid of daleks, Cybermen and dentists.
Tegan compares Adric to the Artful Dodger.
Tegan’s aunt Vanessa always used to say, “If you have nothing useful to say, keep your mouth shut”. Adric quips that she must have often said it to Tegan.
Adric describes the Fourth Doctor as “unpredictable, intimidating and enigmatic but brilliant”.
Taking place almost immediately after Castrovalva), chronologically, this is the earliest audio drama to feature the Fifth Doctor.
This is the first Big Finish audio drama in which Matthew Waterhouse reprises his role as Adric. It is also the first time that he has played the character since The Caves of Androzani in 1984.
This story was recorded on 31 July and 1 August 2013 at the Moat Studios.
This is the first audio drama in which the Fifth Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver
Tegan tells Adric that she has a flight to catch at Heathrow Airport on 28 February 1981. (Logopolis)
Adric reminds Tegan that she previously got lost in the TARDIS. (Logopolis). He mentions that Tegan’s lipstick is still drying on the TARDIS walls. (Castrovalva)
Adric tells Tegan that Romana has recently left the TARDIS. (Warriors’ Gate)
Tegan refers to the Fourth Doctor’s regeneration. (Logopolis)
Tegan refers to the fact that Adric created Castrovalva while The Master’s prisoner. (Castrovalva)
Nyssa sympathises with Tegan over the death of her aunt Vanessa two days earlier While Tegan sympathises with Nyssa over the destruction of Traken. (Logopolis)
The Doctor refers to the fact that Adric stowed away aboard the TARDIS. (Full Circle, State of Decay)
The Doctor says, “When I say ‘run, ‘ run.” (The Tomb of the Cybermen)
Adric tells Zaria that he rebelled against his society on Alzarius. (Full Circle)
Tegan refers to The Master’s use of the Tissue Compression Eliminatoron her aunt Vanessa and the Logopolitans. (Logopolis)
Adric compares the spaceship to the Terradonian starlineron Alzarius (Full Circle), the Guardians of Observance to the Logopolitans (Logopolis), the Citadel to the Court Building on Traken (The Keeper of Traken) and the giant spiders to the Marshspiders and Marshmen on Alzarius (Full Circle), the Three Who Rule and the Great Vampire (State of Decay).
Before she dies, Javon says, “My dad used to say that ‘if’ was the most powerful word in the English language.” (Castrovalva)
Professor Rickett says, “This is the end but the moment…” (Logopolis)
Adric refers to his badge for mathematical excellence. (Full Circle)
Tegan remarks that she seems to spend half her life carrying unconscious men. (Castrovalva)
Tegan once again exclaims, “Rabbits!” (Logopolis)
Nyssa created King Magus from her memories of the Fifth Doctor, her father Tremas, the Monitor and The Master. (The Keeper of Traken,Logopolis, (Castrovalva)
Adric tells Tegan about his former travelling companion K9. (Full Circle State of Decay, Warriors’ Gate)
Adric recalls that the Marshmen used the TARDIS as a battering ram. (Full Circle)
The Doctor says “brave heart, Tegan “for the first time. Tegan asks him not to do so again, thinking that it is silly. He would later do so on numerous occasions. (Earthshock, Warriors of the Deep)
When reflecting on being the last of her species, Nyssa tells the Fifth Doctor she hopes he will never know what it is like to be alone in the universe. Though the Fifth Doctor would later spend a period of his life believing himself to be the last of the Time Lords (The End of the World), he would later discover that this was not the case. (The Day of the Doctor)
Fifth Doctor) suggests that he take Adric, Nyssa and Tegan to the Eye of Orion. (The Five Doctors)
King Magus refers to Tremas’ death. (The Keeper of Traken)
Prince Erdos refers to the deaths of Adric’s brother Varsh (Full Circle), the privateers (Warriors’ Gate), the Logopolitans and the Trakenites (Logopolis).
Adric refers to the fact that The Doctor averted the heat death of the universe. (Logopolis)
Prince Erdos asks Adric how long it will be before he is killed While travelling with Fifth Doctor. (Earthshock)
Before he ceases to exist, King Magus says, “Is this death?” the Fifth Doctor would later say this when unsure if he would be able to regenerate after contracting Spectrox Toxaemia. (The Caves of Androzani)
Tegan asks The Doctor to bring her to Heathrow Airport at 17:30 on 28 February 1981. However, the TARDIS instead materialises on Monarch’s ship, albeit on the correct date. (Four to Doomsday)
When Tegan asks The Doctor to return her to Heathrow, the Fifth Doctor says “What could possibly go wrong.” (Four to Doomsday, The Visitation)
King Magus offers the Fifth Doctor and his friends “a continued existence under my guidance” because, as Fifth Doctor puts it “the alternative is annihilation” before telling Magus that he is quoting the The Master. (Logopolis)
The presence of the Fifth Doctor and his companions will later affect another artificial environment, again creating evil elements. (Strange England)

Iterations of I

The computers in the house on Fleming’s Island have a capacity of two Megahertz. The Fifth Doctor correctly dates them to the early 1980s.
Jerome Khan studies English While his girlfriend Imogen Frazer studies Maths. Both attend university in London.
Tegan describes the Fifth Doctor and Adric’s bickering as “the ‘Elementary, Dear Watson’ routine.”
Tegan refers to the Loch Ness Monster.
Neither Tegan nor Nyssa believe in ghosts.
Branwell Damien Fleming was born in 1878 and died in 11024.
Sinead Iona Fleming was born in 1905 and died in 1930.
Martin Tuck was born in 1962 and died in August 1981.
Robert DeValley and Aoife Dineen went to school together.
In 1980, a cult, which believed that God was an impossibly long number, took up residence on Fleming’s Island.
DeValley refers to Adric as “pyjama game.”
This story was recorded on 13 and 14 November 2013 at the Moat Studios.
Adric refers to the fact that he once piloted the TARDIS (The Visitation) While Tegan reminds him that she once did as well (Castrovalva). In piloting it, Adric activates the Synchronic feedback circuit. (The Pirate Planet)
The Fifth Doctor is in the TARDIS library reading Black Orchid by George Cranleigh, which was given to him by the author’s mother Lady Madge Cranleigh on 11 June 1925. (Black Orchid) He would later describe it as being very interesting. (Earthshock) His sixth incarnation was less fond of the book, describing it as “a Boy’s Own adventure about an aristocrat who yomped through the Brazilian rainforests, depriving the natives of theirorchids.” (Year of the Pig)
Adric attempts to materialise the TARDIS at Heathrow Airport in 1981, as The Fifth Doctor had failed to do on numerous previous occasions. (Four to Doomsday, Kinda, The Visitation), Psychodrome, Smoke and Mirrors) He would later attempt it again after another argument with Tegan. (The Contingency Club)
Adric refers to the Logopolitans’ use of computers to warp space-time. (Logopolis)
The Doctor laments the destruction of his sonic screwdriver by the Terileptil leader in September 1666. (The Visitation)
Nyssa refers to the death of her father Tremas at the hands of The Master. (The Keeper of Traken)
Tegan tells The Doctor that she has not been able to keep up with him since he had “curly hair and a scarf.” (Logopolis)
Tegan refers to Agatha Christie. During his tenth incarnation, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble met Christie at Eddison Manoron 8 December 1926. (The Unicorn and the Wasp)
Adric refers to the fact that Alzarians heal much more quickly than humans. (Full Circle, The Visitation)

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