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The Foe from the FutureThe Valley of Death

Regular Cast

The Foe from the Future

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Paul Freeman (Jalnik), Louise Brealey (Charlotte), Blake Ritson (Instructor Shibac), Mark Goldthorp (Constable Burrows), Philip Pope (Father Harpin), Jaimi Barbak off (Supreme Councillor Geflo), Dan Starkey (Historiographer Osin), Camilla Power (Councillor Kostal)

The Valley of Death

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Nigel Carrington (Emissary Godrin/Dr Summersby/Announcer), Delia Lindsay (Overlord Saldor/Newsreader), Jane Slavin (Valerie Carlton), Anthony Howell (Edward Perkins), David Killick (Professor Cornelius Perkins), Richard Bremmer (General Hemmings/Valcon/Taxi Driver)


The Foe from the Future

The Grange is haunted, so they say. This stately home in the depths of Devon has been the site of many an apparition. And now people are turning up dead. The ghosts are wild in the forest. But The Doctor doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The TARDIS follows a twist in the vortex to the village of Staffham in 1977 and discovers something is very wrong with time. But spectral highwaymen and cavaliers are the least of the Doctor’s worries.

For the Grange is owned by the sinister Jalnik, and Jalnik has a scheme two thousand years in the making. Only The Doctor and Leela stand between him and the destruction of history itself. It’s the biggest adventure of their lives – but do they have the time?

The Valley of Death

A century after his Great-Grandfather Cornelius vanished in the Amazon rainforest, Edward Perkins is journeying to the depths of the jungle to find out what became of his ancestor’s lost expedition. Intrigued by what appears to be a description of a crashed spacecraft in the diaries of that first voyage, The Doctor and Leela join him on his quest. But when their plane runs into trouble and ends up crash landing, everyone gets more than they bargained for.

The jungle is filled with giant creatures and angry tribesmen, all ready to attack. But in the famed lost city of the Maygor tribe, something far, far worse is lurking. Something with an offer to make to mankind. Who are the Lurons and can they be trusted? Will The Doctor defeat the plans of the malevolent Godrin or will he become just another victim of the legendary Valley of Death?


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The Foe from the Future

The Valley of Death

  • The Valley of Death was originally a story idea by producer Philip Hinchcliffe, thinking he’d like to do a story set in the Amazon
  • According to his diary, Professor Cornelius Perkins and his expedition discovered”a frog the size of a rhinoceros” with the leg of one of the natives in its mouth While searching for the city of the Maygor tribe, the legendary Lost City of Gold, in the Valley of Death in the Amazon on 1 May 1873.
  • The Fourth Doctor is still officially UNIT’s scientific adviser. At the insistence of UNIT, he and Leela join Edward Perkins’ expedition to the Amazon to learn the fate of his great-grandfather as scientific observers. From the evidence presented in his diary, UNIT HQ believes that Professor Perkins discovered a crashed alien spaceship in 1873.
  • The Fourth Doctor was previously duplicated by the Kraals, who created an android copy of him as part of their attempted invasion of Earth. (The Android Invasion)
  • Leela refers to her temporary blindness, which resulted from witnessing the destruction of the Rutan Host’s mothership over Fang Rock in the 1900s (Horror of Fang Rock)

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