The Four Doctors

The Four Doctors
The Four Doctors

Regular Cast

Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison, Paul McGann (The Doctor), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Ellie Burrow (Professor Kalinda/Lady Cowen), David Bamber (Colonel Ulrik/Whitmore), Nigel Lambert


The Fifth Doctor investigates the Vault of Stellar Curios, where he has observed evidence of time leakage. But then The Daleks attack, looking for the contents of the mysterious vault. The Doctor also shows up and he and his former self create a time loop trap, spanning between their lives. This sends The Daleks to the Seventh Doctor’s encounter with Michael Faraday in 1854 and the Sixth Doctor’s visit to anearly Dalek battlefield.


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  • The Four Doctors was Big Finish’s subscribers’ free release for 2010.
  • The Fifth Doctor tells Ulrik that he intends to use the light comb generator to create a highly localised disturbance in space-time. Shortly afterwards, the older Ulrik arrives in the laboratory through such a disturbance. The older Ulrik incapacitates his younger self, which he recalls happening to him earlier in his personal timeline.
  • When his TARDIS materialises in the Vault, the Eighth Doctor’s intended destination was the Petrachi Collection. He recalls his fifth incarnation’s encounter with Kalinda, which occurred many years earlier in his personal timeline, but does not immediately recognise her. His TARDIS likewise detected the emission of chronon particles.
  • Colonel Ulrik describes 19th century Earth as possessing sub-Level 4 technology.
  • Shortly after Ulrik’s arrival, the Seventh Doctor’s TARDIS materialises in Faraday’s home, which contains one end of an unstable time-space corridor that he intends on sealing to prevent anything else from falling through it. On being introduced to Ulrik, the Seventh Doctor tells Faraday that they have already met.
  • Before the Seventh Doctor can seal the time-space corridor, however, two more fully active Daleks, one of whom is The Dalek Prime, arrive Faraday’s house.
  • The Daleks recognise The Doctor in his seventh incarnation. After activating Faraday’s electromagnet, which disrupts the two Daleks’ functioning, the Seventh Doctor is able to escape through the dumbwaiter.
  • When the Sixth Doctor criticises the design of the Eighth Doctor’s console room, his future self comments that his sixth incarnation should not be the one giving tips on interior decorating, referring to his mult-coloured coat.
  • The Daleks used Robomen during the Battle of Pejorica. (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

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