The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors 
The Two Doctors 


“When you travel around as much as I do, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll run into yourself at some point.”

When The Doctor (Colin Baker) lands on a space station in the Third Zone, he suspects he’s been there before and when he discovers his old assistant – Jamie – he’s certain.

Accompanied by Jamie and his present assistant Peri, The Doctor follows himself (Patrick Troughton) to 20th Century Seville. There he discovers his old enemeies, the Sontarans, about to dissect him in a genetic operation.

But just why are they operating on The Doctor? And how will their findings aid their enslavement of the universe? Deadly questions to which The Doctors must find answers in order to escape their own excruciating death…

Originally transmitted 16 February – 2 March 1985, this three part adventure starring Colin Baker features the late Patrick Troughton’s final appearance as The Doctor and is a welcome addition to BBC Video in this, the programme’s 30th Anniversary year

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  • The Two Doctors was the fourth episode of season 22
  • Patrick Troughtons final story
  • This story had working titles of The Kraalon Inheritance and The Androgum Inheritance. The Kraglon Inheritance also appears on some BBC paperwork, but this may possibly be a misspelling of ‘Kraalon’. Other rumoured working titles are Parallax, The Seventh Augmentment and Creation, but these do not appear on any contemporary BBC paperwork.
  • The story opens in black and white, with a scene featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie, which then gradually transitions to colour. This is a homage to Patrick Troughton’s era on Doctor Who, which was shot in monochromatic format.

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