The Two Doctors Novel Reading

The Two Doctors Novel Reading
The Two Doctors


An unabridged reading of this classic novelisation of a Sixth Doctor adventure. Disturbed by the time travel experiments of the evil Dastari and Chessene, the Time Lords send the Second Doctor and Jamie to investigate.

Arriving on a station in deep space, they are attacked by a shock force of Sontarans, and the Doctor is left for dead. Across the gulfs of time and space, the Sixth Doctor discovers that his formerincarnation is very much alive.

Together with Peri and Jamie, he must rescue his other self before the plans of Dastari and Chessene reach their deadly and shocking conclusion…


  • The Two Doctors episode guide
  • Dastari and Chessene profiles
  • Sontarans profile
  • Sixth Doctor and Peri profiles
  • Second Doctor and Jamie profiles
  • The reference to Victoria Waterfield studying graphology is excised, although Jamie remains aware of who the Time Lords are.
  • This story had working titles of the Kraalon Inheritance and the Androgum Inheritance. The Kraglon Inheritance also appears on some BBC paperwork, but this may possibly be a misspelling of ‘Kraalon’. Other rumoured working titles are Parallax, The Seventh Augmentment and Creation, but these do not appear on any contemporary BBC paperwork.


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