2024 Yearbook

2024 Yearbook

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The 2024 Yearbook

A year in the life of the stars of Doctor Who.
A look back at the 2023 Specials.
The producer of Tales of the TARDIS discusses this nostalgic series.
A summary of various instalments of the Doom’s Day multi-media event!
Wrarth Warrior actor Robert Strange speaks to the magazine about his role in The Star Beast.
A special feature on Goblin celebrity Janis!
A report from The Doctor Who at 60 musical celebration at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre.
We talk to BBC Audio, Big Finish, Silva Screen and AUK Studios about the various audio
offerings over the past year.
Doctor Who writers discuss the last 12 months of books and comics.
Follow the journey of young fan Piper as she is crowned The Ultimate Whovian by Blue Peter!
Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan discuss their epic Fourteenth Doctor strip, Liberation of the Daleks.
We visit a new exhibition of Who props and memorabilia at Gunnersbury Park Museum.
A look at the new version of the Daleks… in colour!
Archivist Helen Randle on making the BBC’s vast catalogue of information available to the public.
A tribute to The Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2023.
Coming soon… A look ahead to 2024!

Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook 2024 is on sale Thursday 25 January from panini.co.uk and WH Smith priced £8.99 (UK).

Also available as a digital edition from pocketmags.com priced £7.99.

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