Isaac Newton



Isaac Newton



Place of Origin:


Main Aliases:

Jeovus Unus Sanctus

First Mentioned In:

Who is Dr Who?

First Appearance:

The Bits We’ve Missed So Far

Other Appearances:

The Lonely Computer
Newtons Sleep
Wild Blue Yonder

Main Actor:

Nathaniel Curtis

Main Voice Actor:

David Warn


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Sir Isaac Newton (also called Jeovus Unus Sanctus) was an English physicist, mathematician, and spymaster. (Newtons Sleep)

He was an Arian. (Summer)

Sir Isaac Newton’s successors in the category of scientific geniuses included Dr Albert Einstein and then Dr Who. (Who is Dr Who?)


As a child sitting under a tree, Newton saw an angel, broken and bleeding, in the branches above him. Curious, he touched the angel’s body and its fluid black skin engulfed him. Recognising that Newton was far too important to be erased from history, the angel told Newton that its mission was to destroy the Adversary, and Newton gave it permission to use him. He then awoke at the base of the tree with no memory of what had happened. (Newtons Sleep)

One of his most famous accomplishments was formulating the theory of gravity. The Fourth Doctor once claimed that he sat in Newton’s tree dropping apples onto his head, then explained gravity to him over dinner. (The Pirate Planet) It later came to light that Newton remained upset about that event, as his nose bled for three days afterward. When the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa were arrested for forgery, Isaac Newton drew a series of interesting conclusions from a series of anachronistic coins that The Doctor accidentally passed. (Summer) According to another account, Newton came upon his idea independently in 1666 after an Apple fell on his head, but after the TARDIS, piloted by the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble crashed into the tree above him, he misheard their usage of “gravity” and named the concept “mavity”. The change retroactively influenced Donna’s knowledge, while The Doctor remained aware of the original version of history. (Wild Blue Yonder)


Whilst one account showed a younger Newton as having brown skin, (Wild Blue Yonder) another depicted him, as an older man, as white. (The Lonely Computer)

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