Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis

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Wilfred Mott
Eileen Mott
Geoff Noble
Sylvia Noble

Main Actor:

Yasmin Finney

First Seen In:

The Star Beast

Other Appearances:

The Giggle


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Rose Noble was the daughter of Donna Noble and Shaun Temple. She was transgender, specifically non-binary and female-presenting, and often felt like an outsider, leading her to easily sympathise with the Meep, an alien fleeing from another world.

In fact, however, her lifelong feeling that she was “from a different planet” was actually explained in part by the Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis which she had inherited from her mother’s suppressed DoctorDonna persona. Though it shaped her personality as she grew up, notably influencing her choice of name, she was ultimately glad to let this “power” go when she had to give it up to save her own life, grateful to get to be her true, unadulterated self at last.

Following Donna Noble and Shaun Temple’s wedding in Spring 2010, (The End of Time (part two) Rose was assigned male at birth and given the name of Jason, as well as her mother’s surname, as Donna didn’t like that “Noble-Temple” sounded like an “old ruin”. Eventually, she came out as transgender and non-binary, choosing the name of “Rose” for herself. although there were school bullies who would harass her by continuing to use her deadname. Her transitioning involved years of therapists, doctors, voice lessons, hormone treatments and, for her loved ones, learning pronouns. (The Star Beast)

Rose inherited some of Donna’s “DoctorDonna” Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis from her mother, including some of Donna’s memories of her adventures with the Tenth Doctor. This subconsciously influenced her choice in name, her building the shed as a replica of the TARDIS and toys that she created based on creatures that her mother had encountered, including Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Lupari, Ood, and Adipose. She sold these through an online business, with one customer as far away as Abu Dhabi. (The Star Beast)


In 2023, Rose’s life changed (We Are Family) when she and her mother met The Doctor in his fourteenth incarnation, just before a spaceship came crashing through the sky. Shortly after returning home, Rose stumbled across the Meep, who asked for her to save it from monsters. Rose attempted to hide the Meep at home, but it was found by Donna. Shortly afterwards, The Doctor helped Rose and her family escape with the Meep. However, it transpired that the Meep was in reality a galactic war criminal, and it took them prisoner, declaring its intention to destroy London in order to help its ship take-off. When The Doctor was forced to restore Donna’s memories in order to defeat the Meep, the meta-crisis that Rose inherited also awakened, giving her the knowledge to free the brainwashed UNIT soldiers from the Meep’s control. After the crisis was averted, Rose and her mother were able to safely expel the meta-crisis from their bodies by “letting it go”. (The Star Beast)


Following The Doctor’s bi-generation, a retired Fourteenth Doctor returned to the Noble household to live out an ordinary life with them. Without telling Donna, he secretly took Rose on a trip in the TARDIS, to Mars. Rose happily regarded The Doctor as her uncle during a family dinner. (The Giggle)


On 16 May 2022, Yasmin Finney teased her involvement in the 2023 specials with an Instagram post containing a rose and a blue diamond.[1] It was officially announced on by the BBC shortly after that Finney would be playing a character by the name of Rose.[2] Finney — a transgender actor herself — confirmed that her character would also be trans,[3] saying that Rose was a 15-year-old transgender girl with “a great supportive family”.[4] On 30 August, The Doctor Who social medias revealed in a post on Finney’s birthday the full name of her character, Rose Noble, confirming that the character is the daughter of Donna Noble and Shaun Temple.[5]

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