The Vanquishers




Place of Origin:

Inston-Vee Vinder’s home planet


Inston-Vee Vinder’s child


Inston-Vee Vinder

First Seen In:

Once, Upon Time


Village of the Angels
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

Main Actor:

Thaddea Graham


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After Bel’s home planet was ravaged by the Flux, she sought refuge on several planets, including one which had been invaded by the Daleks, and another which was invaded by Cybermen.

She had managed to find a lone Lupari ship, which she used to travel around the universe in search of Vinder. She was pregnant of his child. (Once, Upon Time)

Bel travelled to Puzano where she witnessed Azure tricking survivors of the Flux into entering her Passenger, which Bel recognised as a prison. Leaving a message for Vinder, she set off in pursuit to try to free the prisoners. (Village of the Angels)

Bel had arrived at some suspicious ruins that Azure was holding the prisoners at, when her ship was hyperjacked by Karvanista and forced to join the Lupari Shield, causing her to miss Vinder by a few seconds. She and Karvanista briefly engaged in combat, only for Karvanista’s ship to be boarded by Sontarans who attempted to kill them both. (Survivors of the Flux) She reunited with her husband after the Flux ended. (The Vanquishers)

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